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Founder’s Story

Natalie Mann

Food As Medicine

The direct connection between food and health initially surfaced when I was in high school, working as a volunteer dietetic aid.

I saw firsthand how hospitalized patients with underlying conditions – heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and obesity – needed to undergo serious medical interventions and diet modifications. My volunteer duties made an indelible imprint. It directly impacted my choice of undergraduate study, and my future eating habits.

Nutrition Science Degree, and Professional Background

When I matriculated at Cornell University, food took on a whole new dimension. Pursuing a four-year degree in Nutritional Science meant that biology, chemistry, and biochemistry served as the foundation for upper level nutrition courses and food science labs.

Over the years, the focus on food continued. I’ve authored nutrition articles, led food service operations, worked for a large food company, and earned an MBA from Harvard that led to management consulting assignments for catering firms, specialty food businesses, and food manufacturers.

Nutrition and Parenting

Food and nutrition also became an integral part of raising two sons. Forced to deal with a finicky eater who had a sweet tooth, and another with a gluten sensitivity, the world of food preparation took on new, and challenging dimensions.

Drawing on my years of nutrition and food science knowledge, I propelled my picky eater with the sweet tooth to become a lover of delicious nutrient dense foods, minus the sugar cravings. And I reformulated dessert recipes – minus the refined carbohydrates, gums, starches, and added sugars found in commercial brands – to address my gluten-sensitive son’s needs.

Extensive Experience

The net result: I come to Lady Moxy with 25+ years of insider food, recipe, and nutrition expertise. In addition, my love for science and research fuels my desire to discern facts from fads, uncover marketing manipulations from food brands, and expose untruths from a multitude of self-proclaimed nutrition experts, and celebrity brand evangelists.


Stirring up healthy change in your diet will give you the best chance to fight off illness, and to live a long and healthy life.

My primary focus is on YOU and your journey to improve your health.

After you’ve had an opportunity to read the FREE Guide on How to Stop Sugar Cravings, please reach out and set up a FREE Phone Consultation to determine if Lady Moxy is a good fit.

I look forward to working with you!


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