Brain Health: Introducing the Brain Booster Program

Brain Health

In my last post about the early signs of Alzheimer’s, I related the story of my mom’s declining cognition over the span of a few years. During that time, I’ve explored the latest research related to dementia-related diseases. And what I’ve learned is critical. Although there isn’t a cure for memory loss as of 2021, we do have the ability to take control and prevent it. Even if our genetic predisposition says otherwise. Fundamental lifestyle changes can ward off cognitive decline. So how do you optimize your brain health? Allow me to introduce the Lady Moxy Brain Booster Program.

Program Advantages

  • It’s easy, and super actionable.
  • It’s highly personalized. 
  • You’ll see positive results, and acquire a new set of habits for lifelong brain health.
  • It’s affordable.

Who Will Benefit from the Brain Booster Program

It’s important to remember that neurodegenerative disease begins 20 years or more before symptoms arise. Anyone over 30 years old who cares about having a healthy brain is a candidate for this program. Additional reasons to sign up are:

  • You’re overweight, particularly around your belly. Health risks for a variety of chronic conditions, including dementia, increases if you’re a woman with a waist size greater than 35 inches, or a man with a waist size greater than 40 inches. 
  • You’ve noticed issues associated with brain fog that aren’t typical age-related changes. Examples: disruptive memory loss or forgetfulness, difficulty performing familiar tasks, losing things and being unable to retrace your steps, trouble finding the right words in speaking or writing. 
  • You have a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • You have elevated blood sugar levels or are diabetic.
  • You have high blood pressure.
  • You have high levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, often referred to as the “bad” form of cholesterol.
  • You’ve had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or blow to the head. Some causes of TBI’s are sports injuries, falls, and motor vehicle accidents. 
  • You have a higher-than-average level of homocysteine, a type of amino acid that’s produced when protein is broken down.

Why the Brain Booster Program Works 

In the Brain Booster Program, you are actively involved in making small habit changes, every day for 6 weeks. Concurrently, I am online daily to coach and provide one-to-one guidance as you upload food photos and provide status reports. 

This private program is about participating, not watching or reading. That’s an important distinction. It’s not a video course, master class, brain health book, or Facebook Group, all of which do not deliver habit-changing results unless you are unusually self-motivated. 

As discussed in the best app for healthy eating article, the Lady Moxy platform enables optimal personalization and accountability. It’s super flexible. Regardless of your starting point for lifestyle improvements, you’ll experience significant behavioral changes.

Plus, personalization starts with a FREE 15-Minute Phone Consultation.

Brain Booster Sessions 

The Brain Booster Program represents best practices based on current neurodegenerative research. It consists of three building blocks, accessible by web or app. Each themed session focuses on optimizing specific lifestyle components. Together, these sessions cover all aspects of boosting your brain health.

Brain Health 101 (Weeks 1-3): Nutrition + Hydration 

We’ll lay the foundation for upcoming weeks through small habit changes related to your dietary intake. You will upload photos of what you eat and drink, and I’ll provide guidance. 

You will not count points, count calories, or weigh yourself daily. Instead, you’ll focus on consuming nutrient dense meals and snacks that are beneficial for your body and mind.

Brain Health 102 (Weeks 4-5): Exercise + Restorative Sleep

We all know that movement is important. Now, brain researchers have identified specific forms of exercise that are most beneficial for the brain. And you don’t need a gym membership.

I’ll share this exercise information and also share tips and guidance for restorative sleep.

During this session, you’ll build on everything you learned in Brain Health 101, and report daily on your exercise and sleep.

Brain Health 103 (Week 6): Managing “Bad” Stress + Social Connections + New Learning 

During the last week, you’ll focus on one area or all three! I’ll provide information on how to make small habit changes when dealing with harmful stressors, making meaningful social connections, and challenging your brain.

Each day, you’ll provide a status report, and I’ll provide guidance.

Boost Your Brain Health Now 

My goal is to help as many people as possible avoid cognitive decline. 

Memory issues are devastating. They are extremely costly, too. As memory-related diseases progress, nerve cells (neurons) are damaged in more parts of the brain. For example, walking and swallowing, basic functions that we take for granted, are adversely affected. Eventually, round-the-clock care becomes a necessity.

Here’s some sticker shock to put costs into perspective. My mom lives in one of the most affordable cities in the United States. BUT the cost of high-quality memory care at her senior community is $460 per day in 2021. That’s an alarming price of almost $168,00 per year, made especially distressing when you factor in the long duration of progressive diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Interested in avoiding the potential depletion of your assets, avoiding years in a nursing home, or having to rely on family members to provide full-time home care?

Interested in converting fear of memory decline into control of your future brain health?

You can make an important investment in your cognitive health.

Click here to sign up for the Brain Booster Plan that starts with a FREE 15-Minute Phone Consultation. It’s an amazing bargain when you consider the alternative; that is, the cost of memory care.

P.S. Getting the word out about averting memory decline is critical. Please share this post with everyone you love and care about.

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