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Time for Change Eat Healthy

Several Lady Moxy community members have asked about making an investment in their health at a price point that fits their budget. Consider your wish granted! Today, I’m introducing a totally accessible and affordable way to improve your health with the Eat Healthy Challenge. There are two plans: the one-week and the two-week. Both Eat Healthy Challenges are customized to meet your needs, and include the same one-to-one nutrition coaching as the comprehensive Sugar Buster and Brain Booster programs.

Key Benefits of the Eat Healthy Challenge

  • Accountability is the secret ingredient. Lady Moxy’s private health platform is set up to help you achieve real results by making small habit changes
  • Personalized coaching at Lady Moxy means that there’s an expert nutritionist who provides daily feedback to reinforce healthier eating. No chatbots or AI here.
  • Proactive participation is a key component. You’re not reading about healthful eating or watching a video on how to eat better. Instead, you’re a doer determined to get results. You’re motivated. You’re making an active investment in your health. 
  • Easy Peasy. No calorie counting. No points. No tracking of macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates). No diet regimens. No laborious logging of meals and snacks. Just upload photos of what you eat. Plus, photos of the ingredient line on any packaged foods that you consume.

Before You Start the Eat Healthy Challenge

After You Sign Up 

The Eat Healthy Challenges start with a short questionnaire and health assessment. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes to fill out.

This questionnaire provides insight into where you are in your wellness journey, and how Lady Moxy can best help you in the allotted time.

The challenge begins when you start uploading food photos of everything that you eat and drink (absolutely no judgement – honesty is key here). Lady Moxy will coach you daily on your inputs.

There’s also a chat function on the web platform and mobile app that you can use to communicate throughout the session.

Your Health Investment

If you’ve ever wanted to implement healthful dietary changes that fit your lifestyle, now is the time to make a wellness investment. The Lady Moxy Eat Healthy Challenges are easy, customized, and chock-full of accountability. Best of all, you’ll make small habit changes to reclaim your health. 

Lady Moxy focuses on disease prevention. If you’re concerned about memory loss, sugar cravings, weight gain, pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, then the Lady Moxy health challenges are your ticket to corrective change. You’re worth it, aren’t you?

One-Week Eat Healthy Challenge – $49

Two-Week Eat Healthy Challenge – $97

Click this link to start either challenge. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the Services page.

Questions? Hit reply, and I’ll answer your email as soon as possible.

P. S. Purchase as a gift – do you have a special someone who would benefit from a wellness tune-up? Now, all Lady Moxy plans, including the Eat Healthy Challenges, are available as gifts.

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