Fiber and Gut Health: How to Achieve Optimal Wellbeing

"Fiber and Gut Health, Persimmon"

One area of focus with Lady Moxy members is fiber and gut health. Why? Because optimizing your gut microbes optimizes whole-body health. And fiber significantly improves gut health. Plant-based, fiber-rich foods— fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds—hold the key to reversing many health issues: weight gain, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive distress, brain fog, and cancer risk (colon, breast, esophageal). 

To understand the important role of fiber in the diet, I turned to Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (Dr. B), the author of Fiber Fueled. Dr. B is a board-certified, award-winning gastroenterologist. As a practicing gastro doc, he uses evidence-based science and studies to back up the guidance he dispenses.

Here’s an informative YouTube video with Dr. B that provides more details.

Although it’s a lengthy discussion (2 hours), you can scroll along the “play bar” to identify the fiber and gut health topics that are of interest.

If you are on an animal-product-heavy diet (Paleo, Keto, Carnivore), be sure to listen to this part of the interview: 1:06:45

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