How to Improve Gut Health

Improve gut health

The topic of how to improve gut health, or the gut microbiome, comes up repeatedly in my work with clients. The gut microbiome is comprised of trillions of microorganisms and their collective genomes that live in your intestinal tract. When your gut is not healthy, the result is too many trips to the bathroom, or too much bloating and gas. Lady Moxy clients who mention these symptoms, and don’t have gastrointestinal medical conditions, are able to make habit changes that provide relief.

What causes poor gut health? No surprise – too much added sugar is one factor. So is poor diet, lack of restorative sleep, and “bad” stress.

The path to improving gut health takes time, at least several weeks. More than likely, it takes several months. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill or an immediate fix, even though you can take a prebiotic or probiotic supplement. I am suspect of anyone who promises to rapidly repair gut health. Many supplements are of questionable quality.  And if the foundation for dietary change is not in place, taking a supplement doesn’t help.

Putting a new dietary foundation in place means making behavioral changes, step-by step. At Lady Moxy, I coach clients through these wholesome diet modifications and accompanying lifestyle changes. 

Here are the main ways to improve gut health:

Dietary Changes

  • Reduce sugar intake.
  • Eat high fiber foods.
  • Eliminate highly processed foods.
  • Add fermented foods to diet.
  • Reduce intake of unhealthy fatty foods.


Restorative Sleep

Reduce “Bad Stress”

Ever wonder what a gastroenterologist has to say about gut health? This is a good article that reinforces information I’ve discussed in earlier posts. 

Please reach out if you’re ready to receive personalized guidance to improve your well-being.

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