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Here’s How Lady Moxy Will Support You

  • Expert Help – Achieve the changes you desire with Natalie’s counsel and expertise that includes 25+ years of nutrition experience, and insider food industry knowledge.
  • Ongoing Personal Support – Receive one-to-one guidance each step of the way. Curb your sugar cravings and refined carbohydrate intake. Make better food choices. Enjoy a healthier life.
  • Build Healthful Habits – Take small steps toward making behavior changes, and creating lifelong healthy eating habits. Identify your goals, and we’ll work together to make them a reality.
  • Accountability – Use the app to upload photos of your daily beverages, meals, and snacks. Receive customized feedback. Make meaningful habit changes.
  • Easy Food Tracking – Eliminate searching through a food directory, scanning bar codes, weighing food, or counting calories. Just take pictures of your beverages, meals, and snacks, and upload them.
  • Actionable – Gain knowledge from educational food and nutrition materials. Improve your wellbeing.
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A Spritz of Praise

“Natalie’s food knowledge is extensive. She shared several tips related to added sugars, and refined carbs. One bit of counsel that stands out is the importance of reading the ingredient line and nutrition label vs. being lured in by front-label claims. She’s a master at making new goals attainable; I’m so happy that I engaged her services!”
S.H., Chapel Hill, NC

“Natalie is mindful of food sensitivities, food preferences, and tastes. Her vast nutrition knowledge, food industry expertise, and passion for helping others is incredibly beneficial. Her guidance and empowering insights definitely improved my health.”
C.K., San Diego, CA

“Natalie has a wealth of knowledge in the health and nutrition science field. She’s professional, extremely helpful, and she provided me with actionable habit changes to manage my unique health and nutritional needs. I highly recommend working with her!”
S.D., Los Gatos, CA

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