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There are many facets to self-care. The one I’d like to address here is physical health related to nutrition. Specifically, the consumption of too much added sugar and refined carbohydrates. As discussed in my first blog post, this consumption behavior severely undermines optimal health. Can you relate? If so, I invite you to participate in the Lady Moxy sugar challenge. Think of it as a self-care gift that pays dividends for years to come.

What Makes the Lady Moxy Sugar Challenge Different?

When I launched Lady Moxy, I knew that excess added sugar consumption was linked to obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and most recently, Alzheimer’s.

The link to serious medical conditions spurred me into action, but I struggled with how to meaningfully help prospective clients consume less sugar, and start eating more nutritious foods. 

I knew that a series of daily sugar challenge tips would only go so far. Reading about the impact of eating too much sugar, or taking a “cut out sugar” course, or watching a video on reducing sugar intake—all of these learning modes represent passive information consumption rather than actively making a life change.

Plus, each prospective client would start with different circumstances, needs, and goals. One size would not fit all.

And what about client questions and much needed guidance – how would that work? 

Additionally, habits are difficult to break. Reducing sugar intake by going cold turkey may work for some in the short term, but for the majority of people small habit changes prove more sustainable.

Knowing that I wanted to help as many of you as possible, and knowing that I wanted to activate long-lasting results, I found a unique way to help you stop your sugar cravings, and start making positive strides in your health.

Welcome to the Lady Moxy Sugar Challenge advantage:

Private, HIPAA-compliant platform

The Lady Moxy portal is private, and available both on the web and as a mobile app. It’s easy to use, and allows me to address individual needs and to answer your questions.


Instead of reading, watching, or listening to sugar challenge tips, you are proactively involved. After we establish your goals, you will make tiny habit changes to achieve your goals.


Lady Moxy doesn’t believe in one size fits all. The sugar challenge is tailored to meet your needs. I start where you are today, and guide you through habit changes that improve your health. There are no special diets, no points, and no calorie counting. And absolutely no judgment.


Lady Moxy employs a major lever in the form of accountability. Each day, for the duration of the sugar challenge, you upload photos of what you eat. It’s super easy to track your meals and snacks, and I respond daily with questions and comments. 

This process works beautifully. It enables you to accept responsibility for what you eat, and to make the necessary changes toward a healthier diet overall.


My nutrition journey started before college, working as a hospital dietetic aid. That’s where I came face-to-face with some extremely sick patients who needed special restrictive diets in order to thwart further decline.

Majoring in nutritional science as an undergrad furthered my love for, and knowledge of nutrition. Over 25+ years, I have immersed myself in the latest scientific updates related to nutrition and disease, and worked to help others achieve improved health.

Lady Moxy Sugar Challenge Offering

The overall goal of the four-week sugar buster challenge is to reduce your added sugar intake, and to start substituting healthier options. 

The challenge begins with a FREE 15-minute consultation to ensure there’s a fit with your needs. 

The Sugar Buster plan is packed with plenty of personalized guidance (1-hour telephone consultation, 28 days of accountability and coaching), plus a personal care plan that summarizes a path to dietary self-improvement. 

For only $375, it’s the ultimate gift to yourself, a vow to clean the slate and learn new ways to mitigate your risk for serious illness or disease. Check it out here.

Bonus Opportunity for Former Clients

If you’ve already worked with me, please feel free to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. I’d love to hear how you’re doing.


Proactively caring for our health is directly related to eating whole, unprocessed foods, cooking meals, reducing sugar and refined carbohydrate intake, stopping “sugary food” stress snacking, and sleeping at least seven hours each night. 

Today, it’s more important than ever to incorporate better habits into our routine. Step-by-step. One day at a time.

We DO have tremendous control over our health. Every single day.

Take the first step now to give yourself the best chance possible for a long and healthy life.

Book your 15-minute FREE consult here. I look forward to working with you!

P.S. Please share this post with friends or family members who would benefit from a personalized approach to healthful changes.

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